ok..kpada sesapa yg rasa dirinya berada di dlm zon jaga2,menunggu tika dan waktu nak meletup,haaa,come n join wa...cnilah tempat yg terawesome utk lu org nak carut,caci,coret,cirit n segala ci ci yg boleh kuar dlm lu olg punya mukut..xpa,disini biapun ayat mcam longkang,janji kita saja yg PUAS!!!!!!!!

i wrrote this entry at 3.25 am in d morning..WTF?

love? lies? lust? and life...4 little words,and word up, F U C K is also a four non-words figure...you may find it annoyed to see y on earth i always swearing those F words..maybe this is just me..this is universe and i found it very LEGENDARY me..yeah,fuck up..who cares if you never like this...i never ask you to read so,just suck it up suckers!!!!hahahahahha..

in fact,theres a theory or shud i say, a legendary-get-out-of-my-head- supposition lay behind this four legendary-words..F-fucking forget of the one who have broke your heart into pieces and faking left you being such a mathafaking loser in fact you are not faking deserve it as you have tried to be the coolest gentle-faking-man ever...this is awesome!!! U-untied your great legendary life as there is no single person in the world will forbid on every faking steps you make and the path you chose will faking lead you the the awesomeness of your life..faking awesome!!!! C-come on dude,get a life while you still got the air to breath..think bout the CHANCES that you never been able to achieve while you r stuck-and-fucked with your (you said it,you eat it)lover?hahahaha..think of CHANCES,swallow the awesomeness yourself!!!!!and K-keep one's hair on it..look around you..look around the person and the people who always there for you..go n buddy-hug them..never lose your faith in them coz they are all you got till you die..trust me dude,the power of love between friends is faking more stronger than the love between you and your happilyeverafter-to-be(pffft)...and this is the ULTIMATELY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

PS:almost seven faking months-it was awesome!!!!!