ok..kpada sesapa yg rasa dirinya berada di dlm zon jaga2,menunggu tika dan waktu nak meletup,haaa,come n join wa...cnilah tempat yg terawesome utk lu org nak carut,caci,coret,cirit n segala ci ci yg boleh kuar dlm lu olg punya mukut..xpa,disini biapun ayat mcam longkang,janji kita saja yg PUAS!!!!!!!!

before sahur post....

hallo hallo hallo..seems like getting lesser n lesser to post new things..coz what?yeah,my life is hell-a-goood indeed..lonely?fucking nay!!!!ma days were fully occupied doing things that i like n that was reeeaaaallly awesome!!!!old memories?to hell wit em..now im on a new book,new leaf,new life n living in my own paradise...no more bulshitting here n there..mamak,shisha,snuker,frenz,thats alll that i need..girls?fucking not now..bak kata christina perry dlm lagu ngantok nak mampos beliau "i've grown too strong,to ever fall back in your arms''..bagi wa,your arms to refer to my previous life yg agak shit klu nk dipikirkan..in fact,i aint mizz that things..fuck off!!!!!

but ironically,i just bought new bike..going back to those old days where im moving round wit bike..its legendary dude..sometimes i can feel my legendary mummy-heritage-car got jealous peeking me sharing my enjoyment wit her (i mean my bike laaa dude)...quotation gua dlu2 "moto bini 1st gua,awek second"..hahaha..damn!!!!

over a year ive been working collecting money,finishing em,earn another money,enjoying em,nothing change for me seriously..im still the person who didnt care bout the future..coz for me,future is future..no need to give lots of hope for them..what will happen is another story..so,just fucking sit here,appreciate what u can do,n dont let your 'hope' for your future become the barrier for you to enjoy the aweseomeness of your life...in fact,we live in the young age only once..just dont forget ur responsibility laaaaa dude...enjoy2 gak..igt pesan paklong "jgn sronok lebeh".....


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